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Burnt Orange

Burnt Orange is a poetry book with critical points of views. It is a book of expression translating fact and fiction into a movement. It is a book focused on humankind having a delicate approach towards social devastation. There are a complexity of subjects that will make its readers cry, laugh and wonder from beginning to the end, having colors melting softly, unapologetically. Maria welcomes readers to explore the appreciation of the pen and gladly take with them a muse no longer silenced.


is  a compilation of many topics. It reflects how I see subjects and situations spiritually and organically. It is a book fiercely passionate about human beings and our struggle as a people in this universe. I am a storyteller poet. So in this book, you will read stories, monologues, poetry and essays. I enjoy the journey writing poetry takes me on. I coddle it and then give it its blessing for it to stand on its own. I have meticulously selected material that hopefully meets the reader's expectations.

Her poetic instincts are pure. Chisolm is a gifted voice whose cadence transcends the page to touch the heart, where all true poetry ultimately resides.

Hugh Hamilton, WBAI Pacifica Radio


Chisolm's poems are both beautiful and unsettling, delicate and sensitive-yet strong and

purposeful. From Sudan's Angels which humanize and elevates the victims of gender cleansing

to the more personal woman visit, which speaks in colors.

Phyllis Chesler, Emerita Professor and Author

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